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Tangle-free pocket-sized
sync and charge on-the-go

Versitile tripod for serious

Get in the picture with self-
timer apps

Hands-free FaceTime and
Skype video calls

Watch movies and videos

Speaker-phone and music
player held just right

Use it as a tangle-free
earbud wrap

Who Needs a Dinky?

If you own a Smartphone, MP3 player, tablet
computer or eReader then you could use a
Dinky everyday. It's only 4 inches long and replaces several feet of tangled cord. When it's not recharging the battery or swapping data with your computer it transforms into a very handy little photo tripod and display stand.

The camera in your Smartphone is so good you probably aren't using your compact camera much any more.  However, the one thing you probably miss is the tripod mounting socket. If you haven't used one lately try it some time, tripods make you a better photographer.

A new Apple iPhone 5 TV ad states that
"Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera".

Most Smartphones have camera self-timers built-in and there are numerous free application programs with self-timers and other features to enhance Smartphone photography. 

Even new MP3 music players like the Apple iPod Touch have built-in cameras.  Yes, we have a Dinky for those too.

The tripod feature also doubles as a display stand for using FaceTime and Skype video calling programs as well as watching movies and videos on Netflix and YouTube.

The Dinky phone holder has a rubbery grip that opens large enough to go around the thickest phone case yet it can go small enough to hold a piece of paper.

Some eReaders have a Text-to-Speech feature that audibly reads the book to you while it is displayed.  Mount it on the Dinky and it becomes a hands-free learning tool and when you're finished use it to recharge the battery.

There are about 700,000 programs or 'apps' for Android and Apple phones and nearly 120,000 for Windows OS Phones.  It's amazing what you can do with a Smartphone.  As you know, the more you use your Smartphone the more you need to keep a charger/data sync cord nearby.

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